Some of the jobs I have had and some of the things I have done

About Me

I have been working in the field of design for over 10 years, in that time I have covered a lot of ground working in startups, consultancies and large corporations. I have experience across the entire product design and development process from early stage nurturing and exploration of ideas, planning and executing the work and on to seeing it delivered into users hands in the real world.

Today you will find me leading the mobility design team at Viasat, a global satellite ISP. Our mission is to create delightful experiences and products for all things that move i.e. planes, trains and automobiles.

Design Skills & Expertise

  • Early Stage Product Ideation
  • Customer & User research
  • Strategy & Design
  • Product Design
  • Facilitation & Workshopping
  • Visual Communications

Design Management & Leadership

  • Recruiting
  • Career Growth & Coaching
  • Team Culture Building
  • Team Management & Operations
  • Creative Direction
  • Public Speaking & Presenting

Work Experience

Senior Design Manager / Associate Design Director, GEM, Viasat

2019 - Present

Today I lead and manage the mobility design team in Viasat. Our team is responsible for every experience a user of Viasat mobility technology has. Our work extends across multiple modes of transports, including commercial airlines, business jets, busses, trains and boats. In this role I have two primary jobs; the management,growth and guidance of our designers and defining and implementing the experience strategy for our business. I work closely with senior leaders throughout our business unit to understand our vision and commercial strategy and I build and focus our design team around the experiences that matter to realise that strategy and vision.

Mentor, UX Design Institute

2019 - 2020

I mentored a cohort of UX Design students through the 2019/2020 term. I was brought on to help guide the students through the coursework, explaining and clarifying the details of the UX Design process and showing them how the process worked in real world scenarios.

Senior UX Designer, Viasat

2017 - 2019

In 2017 I got the opprotunity to join Viasat in a Senior role. I was responsible for leading a number of product initiatives from early stage ideation and planning and on into execution. After about a year in this roles I was promoted to lead the entire mobility design team.

Design Lead, IBM

2016 - 2017

In 2016 I moved from the world of consultancy to in-house design team. This was my first stint as a lead designer. I was responsible for the threat intelligence platform X-Force Exchange. I led a small team of two designers and worked with two large development teams. It was an intense 12 month period of learning a lot about the agile software development process, lean UX principles and what it takes to lead other designers.

UI/UX Designer, Frontend

2013 - 2016

For three years I worked as a UI/UX designer for Frontend, the award winning UX Design consultancy based in Dublin. I worked on multiple types of UX projects while at Frontend including healthcare, tourism, transport, fitness and finance.

UI/UX Designer, Freelance and other roles

2010 - 2013

After leaving college in 2010 I worked in a number of roles including startups, businesses and freelance for my own clients.


  • Bachelor of Design Visual Communications, NCAD 2006 - 2010
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner® December 2020
  • Business by Design, d.MBA April 2021
  • Designing a Business, IdeoU July 2021