• Uniquely Dublin

    Uniquely Dublin

    Uniquely Dublin Competition Entry

    Working on an animation for the Uniquely Dublin competition that is running at the minute. The following are a few developmental illustrations of the work.

  • Storyflow

    I recently began working on a project with a phd student from Trinity called Martin Bachwerk. Martin is involved in creating a news widget for the Irish Times. The widget is called Storyflow and it allows the reader of an article to see stories related to the present article they are reading sorted on a chronological graph. The idea is to provide the reader with a broader context for the story that they are reading.

  • Facebook Cover Images

    Facebook Cover Images

    There is some fun to be had toying with the layout of the Facebook cover image and profile photo. This morning I made my own contribution to the growing collection of such compositions appearing on the net. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/creative-facebook-timeline-covers/.

  • The Benny Smiles

    The Benny Smiles

    I was contacted this weekend by the inimitable Benny Smiles to design a poster for the forthcoming release of his Ep Sunshine/Moonlight. A truly excellent Ep I might add, it can be enjoyed at music.bennysmiles.com.

  • Pesky Gnats

    Pesky Gnats

    Presently I am working on a project in conjunction with Dr.Gary O’Reilly, a psychology lecturer at UCD. Gary has developed a game that helps children employ Cognitive Behavior Therapy. By all accounts CBT is a highly effective method to aid in controlling negative thoughts. However it is a somewhat difficult treatment to apply to children as it involves very abstract notions about personality and character. The game is a very clever innovation as it places CBT in terms that are intelligible to a young child.

    More information can be found out at their website http://www.juvenilementalhealthmatters.com/Welcome.html