Project Sauna

A lockdown project, that got a bit out of hand

Like many people in 2020, during the early days of the Covid 19 pandemic I was trying to stay active, preserve my mental health and to see if I could pick up some new skills. I wanted to try doing something a bit more physical than my career as Design manager was then offering me.

I was inspired by the work done by Warmth Sauna, as well as a variety of other horsebox and trailer sauna conversions that are spread across the internet. It is a surprisingly popular thing to do, converting a horsebox into sauna. Who knew? Also I do love a good sauna and Covid had essentially put an end anyones ability to go to a public one. So I decided to convert a horsebox to a sauna. I bought a horsebox from a man in Rathdrum, Co.Wicklow for €200 and brought back to my house to begin the work.

The whole process has taken me roughly two years to get to this point, as I write this it is January 22 2022. There are still some minor items to finish off so that it is truly complete but for the most part it is there. It can and is used regularly by my family currently but as the Covid restrictions lift I am sure we will be able to offer access to others.

The following is a photo log of the process, enjoy.

  • Timeframe 24 Months
  • Team 01 Dude